Saturday, September 07, 2013

The Beast known as Hodges

This is the Gainesville Time Trial- before he got his Time Trial bike. Note the leg muscles- my goodness! He is getting ripped!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Gilda Radner as Baba Wawa

It just goes to show ya, it's always something!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Suburban Insanity

I just got hit up for the third time in three years for money to pay for a new Middle School band shirt. When I was in school band in the 1960’s and 1970’s, we wore our Sunday clothes to the two band concerts per year. This created a certain excitement as well as a very festive air. Here in Gwinnett County suburbs, the children must all buy an article of apparel so they all look the same playing their instruments in the gym for the spring and winter concerts. In my sister’s elementary school, in a very affluent suburb on Long Island, the children wear white shirts or blouses and black pants that they own. Why is it necessary for me to pay $80 for clothing that my child will wear for a total of 9 hours, or 3 hours per year? Would anyone be offended if the children in the band were not wearing matching outfits?

When I was in High School and on Varsity Gymnastics, the warm up suits were on loan for the season and returned at the end of the year. I guess that sounds disgusting to a lot of today’s parents. Today heaven help your pocketbook if your daughter makes the cheerleading squad! In fact, in many of the local high schools, the athletes are required to purchase a new uniform each year, even it still fits them and is identical to the one worn the year before.

Often a fundraiser is hidden into the price charged to the parents. It is common knowledge that a tee shirt can be purchased these days for only $2-$3. Yet we don’t cringe when asked to pay $10 for the group’s tee shirt. Be assured that your organization is pocketing the difference.

For many years my sons played Little League baseball. The team uniforms were included in the $150 we paid to join the league with the exception of the pants. The Team Mom always decided that the boys needed fancy pants: those with a double stripe down the side cost $24 a pair as opposed to $12 for plain, non-striped ones. Guess which ones our boys always wore? Guess how long these pants looked good? A lot of parents jump at the chance to open their wallets for the “embroidered name on baseball cap” option. After all when Johnny makes the Majors, his embroidered caps will be worth a fortune. Don't forget the all stars name-embroidered baseball bags too.

Don’t even get me started on the $275 I paid for uniform pieces that my son wore for 3 All-Star games. We needed a home jersey, an away jersey, a practice jersey, UnderArmour (only the brand name would do) and last but not least, the ever-necessary tee shirt with all the boys' names on the back.

Buying personalized apparel for every activity has become the mentality this decade in the suburbs. I feel it is out-of-hand, yet I am powerless to change it. Parents have to eventually realize that their materialistic priorities are totally out of whack. The children certainly don't appreciate it and why should they? It's not special, it's commonplace. Say something about it and risk being called “low-income” and receiving offers of financial assistance. Parents who have lots of disposable income seem to also have the free time to run the committees that are in charge of determining what constitutes necessities. While it is great that they volunteer for these committees, I think the majority of these people are out of touch with the meaning of a dollar. As much as I would enjoy spoiling my kids with personalized, expensive articles of clothing, I am trying to save for their college educations. Call me old- fashioned, but a 7- ear old will ruin those fancy pants in the first game and will be on 15 more sports teams in his youth and does not NEED his name embroidered on his cap. But heaven help the parent who speaks out about these luxury items, which have become considered necessities. So today I shell out another $20 for yet another piece of personalized apparel that is going to wind up with 100’s of others on the Goodwill rack.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

The New Dog by the Crazy Poodle Lady

How I got The Nudge

On Monday at the Animal Shelter (see the post below), a poodle was having a terrible time. It seems his sister, who he spent his whole life with, was adopted and taken away from him. He was sullen and shaking and afraid of all the other dogs. Since I have a miniature poodle, they asked if I could bring him home as a foster child, and possibly adopt him.

I introduce to you Andy, better known as THE NUDGE. Here is my little white loving and scared poodle:

He follows me EVERWHERE! The other dog also follows me, so it is a little odd having 8 little pitter patter of doggie feet keeping me company throughout my day. I hope Skippy warms up to him, he is a little jealous and has been kind of mean. But I read that this is normal. He feels like he has been replaced.

The Animal Shelter

It all started when an SPCA Pet Adoptions opened up about a mile away from us. I had been looking into finding a Humane Society for Greg to volunteer at, since he loves animals so much. I inquired if he could be a volunteer and they said to come on over. We arrived and they asked if I would stay too, until he learned the ropes.

There is a room full of about 30 cats, mostly kittens. The first day we sat in that room and played with the adorable kittens. And I mean adorable! We washed the windows. They asked me to clean out the litter boxes, so I did. The next day they asked me to walk 15 dogs, so I did and picked up their poop.

The following day they had me wash dishes, mostly dirty cat litter boxes and dogfood bowls. In the meantime, Greg was assigned to the sole chore of making sure the kitties get socialized.


So while he is in the cat room playing, I am working my butt off, literally drowning in poop. I ask myself how did I get into this? Then I realize I am doing this for him. I wonder why I am working for no money? I like the animals a lot but it really is a shitty job.

In any case, we go over there 3 days a week and work for about 8-10 hours a week. All kidding aside, I am really enjoying it. The dogs are really hard to handle. They are in cages and kind of depressed.

These are my 2 favorite kittens, Pinkie and Alex. Pinkie is all white, with one green eye and one blue eye. Alex is the most loving, affectionate little kittie I have ever known. He wants to be petted constantly. Both of them usually wind up in Greg's lap within a few seconds of coming in. If you are in Georgia and would like to adopt the world's sweetest kittens, leave me a message!


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Last Day in NYC: Central Park Zoo & The Yankees

It's taken me awhile, but I am finally going to finish the Manhattan series.

We had a fabulous brunch at the loft. Said a sad goodbye to our friends, and then we checked out of the hotel. I was ready to drive to Central Park to meet my cousins. I thought I had my route rather well planned out. Oh by now I know all the cabdrivers secret shortcuts. My plans were to get out of lower Manhattan via Pearl Street to Houston Street to 6th Avenue and go up to the zoo. I was doing great until there was a street fair on 6th Avenue and 42nd street and the road was closed! I was in a tizzy at this point. The only way to go was to drive around an extra 30 minutes. Finding parking put me into another tizzy. I wish I didn’t get so tizzied out but driving in Manhattan is all its cracked up to be- not for the easily tizzied!

We had a wonderful time at the zoo. And my cousins are so sweet. It was great to spend some more time with them. My cousin C, he is just insane. He doesn’t appreciate organic bread! he asks, "How can bread NOT be organic"?

The polar bear was sunbathing in 90-degree weather- it just seemed plain wrong! Andrew decided that the bear was really a grizzly and they painted it white. Then we saw the penguin feeding. Holy Mackerel! They sure are cute and I had no trouble herring the zoo worker’s talk. There was a fish tank, filled with evil marine fauna, but with fronds like that, who needs anemones?

Polar Bear catching some rays

My cousin explained to us the story of the Cardiff Giant. My friend Diane, really did have her facts wrong, but that is a story for another blog entry. Cousin C walks around as an encyclopedia of fascinating useless historical facts so it is always a hoot to hang out with him. My other cousin, Miss F, actually used to work at the Central Park Zoo. She had a real paying gig wearing a Butterfly or Turtle costume. That’s right they paid her to hang out on a rock in costumes-Show people! She was really happy to see her old friends the goats and llamas. My cousin took that picture of us outside the zoo. At that point I was feeling a little like I might have over-exerted myself. In the Beth Jablonsky philosophy of vacation rules, it was time for a treat! Lunch at the Zoo Cafe was excellent, I must say.

After that we drove through Harlem toward Yankee Stadium. We then came to a bridge that I had never seen, a drawbridge called the Macombs Dam Bridge, that crosses the Harlem River and takes you straight into Yankee Stadium. As we crossed it there was a magnificent view of the House that Ruth Built and that Steinbrenner is tearing down!

Macombs Dam Bridge

The Yankee game was awesome. Except for the $22 I spent on 4 hotdogs, it was a lot of fun. Here are some pics.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Stepford Dentist

The highlight of my week was my trip to the dentist. Now I hate going to the dentist with a passion, but this place is bliss. My new dentist is exactly like Mr. Rogers. He says "now how are you today?" and "This may hurt a tiny little itty bitty bit but I'll try to go easy" "I hope that didn't hurt you too much". His assistant is a former Miss Georgia or a Runner-Up Miss USA (I think). People don't look like her, she is absolutely stunning. She also has a sugary sweet manner about her that does not exist in my world. My world of negative energy and constant stress. She is just like Baby Bop.

Email me if you want to get your teeth worked on by Baby Bop and Mr. Rogers. Smile and show us those pretty teeth!